Death of a composer

currently released druing the Strindberg year under the umbrella of the Swedish Cultural Council

Strindberg 2012


The vulnerable individual clings on to fragments of what might resemble love only to learn again and again that it is gone in the moment of conception.
As a mirage will move when you approach it As life is assured only after death has made its entrance.

In times of personal independence and immense opportunities, relationships have become non-relationships.
The nature of being human a complex navigation over murky waters where everyone feeds on their neighbor.

The possibility of love is blocked by emotional distortion. Boundaries are a thing of the past.
The field, an infinte number of crossroads. The individual loses sense of direction.

Amid confusion, time. Amid time, future as distant as it may seem, irreversible. Amid future, happiness, dressed in the vulgar grin of a swein.

Gender and class now circle one constant only: The fear of being anihilated.



Act 1

see Part 1 here

Part 1 /enter sandwoman

John Smith, an unknown and not very talented composer of music for TV is visiting his girlfriend Chris on midsummer's’ eve in her studio in Yorkville next to Manhattans’ Upper East side (where all the rich people live).

It’s midsummers eve and there is a party next door for gay and straight singles looking for new partners, it is a veritable snakepit and the music is pounding through the walls, the same song over and over again. “ I am a survivor, I am a survivor”.

Chris is making John a pastrami sandwich when her flatmate from the Village Ms Chiocchi enters. The two friends haven’t met in ages and Chris invited her to come since she has just broken off her engagement with a very wealthy young lawyer. Ms. Chiocchi takes little notice of Mr. Smith who realizes he has seen her once before in a completely different corner of the world, 10 years earlier when she was a kid, at the first performance of her dad’s, the great composer’s, 8th symphony. (bitterly aware of his own shortcomings Mr. Smith had made himself an acquaintance and a big fan of the great composer) The great composer mysteriously died only in Havana two weeks prior to this evenings happenings having shot himself in the head.

All looks good but for the noise next door until Ms Chiocchi makes her entrance.

Part 2 / Chris goes to sleep


Midsummer eve continues. Ms Chiocchi has stolen John for a bit of dancing next door. Chris, her friend and John’s girlfriend has a hard time hiding her anger. Porcelain crushed, makeup applied and removed over J’s betrayal. J comes back very soon excusing himself, letting her know that Ms C is off the wall. Chris tries to be kind towards both J and Ms C. Ms C comes back disappointed over J’s early departure, then assesses her prey by asking Chris leading questions.

Chris becomes very tired, she has been working 3 shifts at the hospital and goes to bed telling her friend she won’t be able to make the party. Jon comes back from his clothchange wearing his Mt Ranier T-shirt when Chris is already asleep. Ms C starts rolling her ball. She has baited the hook and layed her trap and twists J around her finger as he brings out a toast for love and its ability to conquer all. The party goes on, pounding on through the walls.



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