Self imprisonment and reductionist thinking is fatal.

K leaves Wall street banking and sets for the woods to repent and learn how to play the piano.

With the little he has left after the financial collapse he sets up a trust that gives him 100 dollars a month until age 100 so he'll never have to do evil again. All looks good until his neighbor calls the police and K ends up in a twilight zone of bureaucracy, hypochondria, hostility and misfortune.

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I wrote this film in 2008 when the financial system was about to collapse. Ever since I have tried to make this film that initially was just a monologue with a guy in a contianer sitting on a piece of land that i had just bought. I have filmed in all continents but for Australia under very difficult conditions. However, what seemed to be mys easiest shoot I ever would do turned out to be a nightmare, msuch like opening Pandoras box, and now the film has become a political film where documentary is mixed with fiction.

I America! is a philosphical docufiction looking into the concept of freedom. My proposition is that America has lost much of its intentions following the general fear after 9/11. It is a thermometer on the state of the nation. Fiming started in 2008. The ambition is eventually and perhaps oddly enough to set up standards for sustainable construction based on recycled shipping containers that pile up in US ports and cannot be used for anything. All plans once approved by a city will be public domain and interactivly developed at

Based on Thoreaus reflection on society in his book "Walden" in 1985 we meet K in 2011. K has left a evil life as a banker to do good and learn how to play the piano. He sets up a trustfund with the little money he has left after Madhoff that allows him 100 dollars a month for the rest if his life. He takes shelter in a shipping container in the Santa Monica mountians.

Surrounding his struggle we meet ordinary Americans who are no longer able to build a house on their land or forced off their land because they can't comply with federal, state and city codes. In the background linger government, banks and corporations singing in heavenly chorus an ode to enterprise, democracy, happiness and liberty.