During the years 2003-2009 Jon Rekdal Trio played shows around Manhattan and Los Angeles. It all started with chef Marcus Samuelsson's invitation to NYC2002 to play at the restaurant Aqvavit,and later his new place Riingo. After a 4month hiatus learning that that the generla manager was stealing their money JR#3 started playing at Oliva and Carnaval on the LES in collaboration with Mother NY, an advertising agency founded by Paul Malmstrom and Linus Karlsson. Very little has been documented but for theses recordings and the collection of flyers that were sent out to fans and friends.

JR#3 Jazz-Art by Mother New york

These recordings lend little to no justice to the real thing but might serve as a navigation point.

JR#3 "2005"

Matt, drs / John Lang, bass / JR#3 keys and vocs / produced and written by JR in NYC 2005 in Smash Studios courtesy of Clay

Devil in disguise - Give it to me - I feel good - Crazy Woman - When the day is done - Train to hell - The Ring - Move on - All Blues - The Tramp- My one and only

During this time JR played trumpet around the city with French DJ Jedza and Michael Hyme that both later vanished into the unknown probably due to the love of white powders. Some sessions were broadcasted live directly from the East Village Radio during Wednesday 4pm Sessions and might be burried in an archive over there but apart from that no materialfrom those gigs exist other than in the minds of the hordes of people that came and experienced it. Pura vida.

JR#3 "Outspoken" / 2010

With a growing number of poems waiting to be scored "Outspoken" was recorded on initiative by guitarist Johan Nilsson who has been a member of the Jon Rekdal units since 1986, with the dear assistance from NYC cornerstone Paul Malmstrom on bass and Thoumas on drs. Recorded by Johan Nilsson/ Produced and written by JR#3, recorded in Stockholml courtesy of Johan Nilsson

Smell of gasoline - Blue-Eyed-Ballerinas-Boyfriend - Pine on Me - I'm a rocker - Traveler - Brazilian Models

JR#3 has many side projects, one of which is The Floating Florentinos. Weaved around a story of ever lasting love onboard a raft built of trash residing and traveling the Mississippi river, sprung from the collaboration with singer Sara Strand came this interesting mix of New Orleans thematics and melodies with modern soundscapes.

The Floating Florentinos - Words and music by JR LA 2009, Vocs Sara Strand, the rest JR floating florentinos

Floating down the river - If you were my Little sister - Woke up this morning