Reflexions, concert for film and orchestra.
This work is the result of an interest in people and their stories. It has been executed based on the assumption that reality exceeds imagination and has come to life through the digital revolution, which I awaited for more than 20 years. Film has until recently always been beyond financial reach for a poet who will take full responsibility for his actions and not ask for money from anyone. It might be that film soon will be an obsolete media but it has formed my generation as the ultimate way of expression and it is a blessing to now have the access to a tool powerful enough to bring poetry and the truly independent spirit of reflexion into the 21st century.

Growing up with a poet I was certain I would not become one myselfI since I failed to see the purpose of writing about stones. My first pining unleashed the poet in me, I grabbed a pen and tried to fixture things in black and white that I was unable to otherwise get off my mind, satisfaction was instantaneous. Poems are often fractions of intangible things; words prove limited in themselves as music by itself. Reflections are crossbred with images and there is interaction between space and time. I can now bring in other elements to the words. Enter people and an urge to communicate and understand. Enter a scene. Enter music. Enter light. Uncertain yet as to the final version of the 60 minutes that I have been asked to present I will unveil that images have been collected around all across the world (such as Havana, Saigon, Phnom Penh, Khartoum, the Nile, Paris, New York, Northern Sudan, Hawaii, the Atlantic coast of Norway, Stockholm etc.) as to project the alienation of the individual to his surroundings, the fact that mobility adds to the complexity of life and to create the image of these discourses happening everywhere at all times no matter where you go, because the universal nature of the human experience.

The purpose of the work is to illuminate the human process in the 21st century. In times of personal independence and immense opportunities relationships have become non-relationships. The nature of being human thus becomes a complex navigation through dangerous waters where everyone feeds on their neighbor and the possibility of love is blocked by a constant emotional distortion, yet there are no boundaries; the field opens up a plethora of crossroads. The individual loses sense of direction and amidst confusion there is the future, as distant as it seems, ever present, irreversible.

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