Stockholm Vintage Keys.

Record your own.

SVS is a unique place dedicated to creating those rare vintage sounds that you can only hear in sample libraries.
We offer you the opportunity to play those rare instruments from the 60’s and 70’s that very few have acces to. And we will record it for you. You will have your recording on a USB stick, HD, or sent to you over the internet.

In stead of faking it on a computer you can actually play your melody and record it in top notch environment.
This is a musiclover studio so all our personel are great msuicians so if you have a melody that you want recorded on any of our instruments we will record it for you and send it to you in the case that you cannot come yourself. We are dedicated to serving your needs at what your budget allows for.

We also put much pride in offering you an all analog recording Tascam 1’ , Nagra ¼’, or digital Pro Tools-Logic, with the best mic that was ever made, the U47. We also offer the U87, shure -57 and -58’s and other top of the line mics.

Our keys:
Wurlizer, Fender Rhodes, Hohner Clvinet, Hammond L100, Hammond X5

Our amps: Peavey 5150 (vanhalen amp), Fender Reverb, Yamaha Leslie (pink floyd amp)

Additional instruments and gear: Compressors, pre amps, Analog Drum Machines, Syntesizers, Gretch -72 complete drumkit, Gibson Les Paul,  other guitars, basses etc

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